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  • Decision # 12/99

    Issue: Whether the claimant is entitled to further benefits after August 14, 1997, due to the effects of her work related accident in August 1996.

  • Decision # 11/99

    Issue: Whether the claimant’s left knee complaints subsequent to November 1995 are related to his October 1994 compensable accident.

  • Decision # 10/99

    Issue: Whether the claimant is entitled to medical aid benefits for the effects of back, shoulder and neck problems which prompted medical treatment beginning about November 1994.

  • Decision # 09/99

    Issue: Whether the claimant is entitled to wage loss benefits and services beyond June 12, 1998; and Whether a Medical Review Panel should be convened in accordance with Section 67(4) of the Act.

  • Decision # 08/99

    Issue: Whether the MRI findings of February, 1998 are the consequence of the claimant's compensable accident of June 9, 1997; and Whether the claimant is entitled to benefits under Subsection 4(1) of the Act, for the consequences of these MRI findings.

  • Decision # 07/99

    Issue: Whether the permanent partial impairment has been correctly rated at 4.9%.

  • Decision # 06/99

    Issue: Whether the employer must make payment of the late filing penalty of $120.00 to the Workers Compensation Board.

  • Decision # 05/99

    Issue: Whether responsibility should be accepted for wage loss benefits from February 13, 1998, to March 4, 1998, inclusive; and Whether responsibility should be accepted for physiotherapy treatment related the knee injury and for the prescribed medications beyond January 30, 1998.

  • Decision # 04/99

    Issue: Whether the claimant has recovered from the effects of the July 23, 1992 accident; Whether the claimant has been overpaid in the amount of $1,588.22; and Whether the claimant is obligated to refund the overpayment.

  • Decision # 03/99

    Issue: Whether the employer should be provided with cost relief.

  • Decision # 02/99

    Issue: Whether the worker is entitled to payment of wage loss benefits beyond July 29, 1996, and Whether the worker's pre-existing knee condition has been enhanced as a result of the compensable injury.

  • Decision # 01/99

    Issue: Whether the claimant's claim for bilateral knee complaints is acceptable in accordance with sections 1(1) and 4(1) of The Workers Compensation Act; and Whether the claimant is entitled to benefits.

  • Decision # 01/99

    Issue: Whether or not the claim is acceptable.